Sunday Fantastic, not Monday Mundane

On WritingTo get back on a regular schedule means to honor the schedule. I mean to post a chapter a week every Sunday – and I will.

Agnia’s story is now officially titled The Blood Lands.

As with Algul, the story starts with a fairy tale. The kind of tale told by peasants at the hearth, late at night. And within the fairy tale lies the seed of a misunderstanding which will have consequences.

During the opening year of World War One, the British fought a desperate action against the advancing Germans at the Battle of Mons. A month after the battle, Arthur Machen, the Welsh author wrote a story about phantom archers who had come to save the British, the now infamous story of The Angels of Mons.

What has made the story infamous over time, was its acceptance as truth by the public, who were desperate to hear of any supernatural intervention at such a horrific time in England’s history.. That angels had indeed  come to save the British.

Agnia is no angel, but her unfortunate encounter with the Ghoul King, the ostensible King of the Dead has marked her in a way far beyond the scars she carries.

As with all my stories, while I have an outline in my head – the characters drive what happens. Right now I am struggling with an unruly cast of ruffians and scoundrels who must be portrayed as they are. Hopefully, the story can be told in a timely manner.

note: Arthur Machen is one of the greats of the supernatural. He greatly influenced H.P. Lovecraft. I have not read his works, but know them by reputation – but I have an odd feeling I had best read The Great God Pan.

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Delayed by Tragedy

indexLast week’s update was delayed.

I have lived off an on in  the town of Newtown, Connecticut for most of the last two decades, finally moving away last year.

There is nothing to say except condolences and my sympathy to all who had loved ones taken away.

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Black Agnia

This is not Black Agnia, this is Dark Agnes - or is it Red Sonja?

This is not Black Agnia, this is Dark Agnes – or is it Red Sonja?

Black Agnia was a knowing wink to readers of Robert E. Howard, a reference to his character Dark Agnes in name only. And there the similarities ended.

In Algul, she makes only a brief appearance. A girl, bold and impetuous enough to be the spark that sets the peasants into battle. And then she is almost the first to seemingly die amid the fighting. She is grossly overmatched, armed with only a stick against the Lord of the Necuratu. She does not do as well as Tolkien’s Eowyn.

But, as we shall see, that’s not quite how it happened.  (After all, her body was never found by Jakub, the protagonist of Algul.) Or how it was remembered…

My first attempt was to force Black Agnia into a sequel for Algul which was posted here for a while under the working title of Rukh. It simply didn’t work, an attempt almost as pathetic as trying to convince Wesley Snipes the third Blade movie was going to be his magnum opus. The story elements didn’t work for Black Agnia, the contrivance of the girl with no face did not work for the character – and then she ran into hur-Alayna the vampire girl who…

No. NO. NO!

A second attempt, Touched by a Demon, was also unconvincing. I was getting frustrated. As a character, I simply couldn’t let her go. She needed a story. And then the answer provided itself.

She needed her OWN story. Where she could live and breath without hindrance.

Therefore, the following story is not the sequel to Algul.

Colonel Miles, Jakub Blazinek, hur-Alayna and the Sahirs of the Talama-Seng inhabit the same world of Black Agnia; an altered shadow of ours as far as geography, culture and people are concerned. And therein lies the difference.

Black Agnia doesn’t have to follow in their footsteps. There are other lands to explore, different perils to face.

Enjoy. The story begins here.

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Dominic Thule. It’s a Wrap.

Bring out the pigs in a blanket, have a beer. So what if it’s Monday?

With Bifurcation, I bring the pseudo saga of Dominic Thule to an end. While some, okay — no one — may have wanted Clara Clover, aka. Ms. Sunday,  to continue her odd course of employment, it was time for the clever, young lady to move on. In the end, it was just another job, albeit a dangerous one.

In other realms, Rukh and Touched by a Demon will be taken down next week for very good reasons. Black Agnia deserves her own story, free of ghoul’s taint. The tale of hur-Alayna will continue of course, but the two must go their separate ways. — though the world they live in remains the same.

Most of my writing time has been taking up working out a movie screenplay I’m close to completing. No, there will be no details or hints here.:) – no, I have no agent… yet.

One can dream.

And lastly, I am happy the Black Lagoon video has now hit 1,270 (as of today) hits within a very short period of time. Most of the views are coming from Japan, which I find pleasing. I hope they like it over there.

I think the last Presidential Debate is happening right now – but I weave my own fantasies – good night.

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Back to the Pen

Three months ago (could it be that long?), I found myself looking at a Facebook post of a friend. She had gone to an anime convention and had radically changed her appearance to be whatever character she was portraying.

And it came to me; I could finally get one step closer to what always struck me as a good idea. Taking Black Lagoon out of the world of manga and anime and going to live action. Was it now possible?

The answer was yes.

My sidetrack into the world of cosplay was rich with gold. There was so much to choose from, I had to force myself to stop. I could have kept editing the video for another month or so. I’m thankful I went with Mel’s intro to the third season, it kept me fixed to a minute and a half.

The effort to contact the people responsible for all this was NOT easy. I had to give up with the Japanese cosplayers who were simply impossible to trace past their pictures. One can only hope they are flattered by the effort.

Happy to put this aside and return to my writing.

Here it is:

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Dossouye Returns

On my miniscule blogroll in the bottom right, I have a link to Charles R. Saunder’s site.

Way back in 1975 – I read my first story by Charles Saunders; the tale of Imaro, a warrior who can rightfully take his place with Conan, Kane and Elric in the pantheon of Sword and Sorcery.

Saunder’s became intrigued by the black Amazons of Dahomey, warriors who were feared for their skill and ferocity – so of course he wrote about them – specifically a character named Dossouye. Her steed is a water buffalo by the way, which is a terrifying concept. Read anything by Peter Hathaway Capstick, and you’ll know what I mean.

So here is a shoutout and a link to the newest work of one of the masters.

Dossouye: The Dancers of Mulukau

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As anime goes, Kentaro Miura’s Berserk never caught my attention as it should have. For whatever reason, I never completed watching the entire series of twenty five episodes – nor have I read the manga.

But as both anime and sword and sorcery, it deserves notice here.

Set in a vaguely European medieval world, the tale of the Guts, the Black Swordsman becomes rapidly one of sword and sorcery with horrific consequences for the protagonists. The series is known for it’s violence and brutality.

They have adapted the entire manga into a series of films for release this year starting with the Golden Age Arc which could be viewed as a reprise of the original anime run. The second and third films which continue the story will be released later in the year.

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