Takwin the Anthroparian put aside the long practiced solitude and went forth from its chambers. Down the long and winding trail which burrowed deep into the calcified strata of bygone aeons, past the layers upon layers of pitted fossilized stone of it went down into the abysmal pit.

Not one step sunk into the black dust cast off from the extinguished sun which lay deep on each narrow step of the way for Takwin abhorred physical effort and descended with aetherial ease. The stagnant air stirred not a single layer of the fringed travelling garment draped from pinched shoulders. Not a sound did Takwin make save an occasional clamor from the verdigrised tintinnabulum held outstretched, so the traveler could detect any ruinous shard or meteoric obstruction which could hinder its observance of the foretold moment.

The titanic depths into which Takwin ventured sunk deep into the rusted core of the earth, league upon league the Anthroparian descended without heed of the time it took for weariness and hunger were of no necessary concern.


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  1. Gram says:

    Alright, you have my attention

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