Who Needs Continuity in Comics?

So… there’s going to be a reboot of the Fantastic Four and Johnny Storm (aka. The Human Torch) is now a black man. This is stupid.

Last I recall, at least since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby premiered the Fantastic Four way back in the early sixties, Johnny Storm has always been something of a blond surfer type. And he even has a sister, who is also blond and strikingly Caucasian.

This kind of retro bull is insulting. Let me explain.

Jon Stewart as a Green Lantern – I vastly prefer the character to Hal Jordan or any of the other. Samuel Jackson, cough cough – I mean Nick Fury, was believable in a convoluted way since that version started out in the Ultimate line and they at least attempted to explain his introduction in the regular Marvel continuity as the original Nick Fury’s love child. (And yes, you did need to be Level Ten to know that one.)

Heimdall was a head scratcher in the Thor movies initiallycritic, but Idris Elba owned the part – and the Asgardians are aliens – so letting that cosmic race become racially diverse in its depiction is fine by me.

There was even a time when Iron Man let Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes officially take over as Iron Man, because he was getting too old and he had issues with alcoholism. Which was a valid point. Marvel even acknowledged in the late 80s some of their characters were getting a bit long in the tooth for the superhero game and were willing to let new people step in. But we all saw how that went in the 90s when continuity went belly up and expired. The passing of time no longer applies at Marvel – and we won’t even touch DC.

I could accept Michael B. Jordan’s casting if he was a new member of the Fantastic Four. After all, didn’t Johnny Storm die a heroic death in the Negative Zone or something? And the Fantastic Four have had many changes in membership during their run. So…  adopted perhaps and then flown up to get a dose of cosmic rays which gives him strikingly similar powers? I could accept such a tweak because it means they at least tried, but otherwise such a flat out slap to continuity and canon is an insult.

Don’t even get me started on death. No one seems to stay dead any more except for Jean Grey – the one who has the Phoenix power and who is supposed to keep coming back…

Looking forward to Ahnold playing Luke Cage as “Power Man!”

Throws up hands and walks away from topic

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1 Response to Who Needs Continuity in Comics?

  1. Gram says:

    Sorry I had lost track of this. I like your approach to the continuity issue….just walk away…..very few writers are worth the effort anymore.

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