Stranger in a Strange Land

I put aside Sword and Sorcery and related fandom sometime around college. Which was way back… in the 1980s. A general sense of displeasure with the way the genre was going and moving on as an adult.

Here it is now, 2013… and I went to San Japan in San Antonio to see the current state of pop imagination. Do I feel old or what? At least there’s still Doctor Who? Who would have thought such an old clunky show would keep going and going and become cool?20130818_152650 (1)

For one thing, women were a definite minority back in those days. They  were not interested in, for the most part, in furry, jockstrapped brutes with swords. And contrary to what you saw in Peter Jackson’s film version – Arwen was barely mentioned in the Lord of the Rings. Elrond had her locked up in a tower sewing comfeys or something.20130818_103011

Now they carry the swords.

The fascination with Japanese pop culture has made a seismic shift in fantasy. Cosplay has been and is huge (I’m not that out of it, I know what my children like) but still – to actually see the amazing effort put into these creations…20130818_153833

Note: There is no truth to the rumors I attended a Little Pony panel. And I am not as old as these guys who still think it’s all about Frazetta paintings… 20130818_145600


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