In Memorium, Andrew J. Offutt

homepageSince I moved to Texas, my collection of old paperbacks has come forth from the cardboard boxes they were stored in for too long and occupy their rightful place on my shelves.

One name shows up on each shelf. To the left of me is the Sign of the Moonbow. Up center at the far right are Swords Against Darkness III and IV. And behind me on the big bookcase are the Demon in the Mirror and The Eyes of Sarsis. What these books share in common is the name of Andrew J. Offut.

There are periods to genres, and fantasy/sword and sorcery is no exception: There was the trio of Lovecraft, Smith and Howard in the 30s. Then the British invasion of Tolkien, C.S Lewis and Moorcock, held back by the unfairly maligned de Camp and Carter in the USA.

The late 70s/ early 80s resurgence in Fantasy and Sword and Sorcery was led by Karl Edward Wagner, Stephen Donaldson and Andrew J. Offutt – and others. (I’m generalizing here, please.) In that brief period before being swamped and overrun by the multivolume fillers of Robert Jordan – (again, a notable writer – but that series needs to end…) and others who. can’t. seem. to. find. an. editor. – there was a time when Andrew J. Offutt was as reliable a storyteller as anyone.

Thanks for the stories.

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