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Bankrupt Nihilistic Fantasy!

Everyone’s piling onto the argument that fantasy has gone from heroic to fecal matter. Who knew so many people would get upset? Leo Grin’s original post spawned a huge amount of comments. The comebacks, for and against were quickly written: … Continue reading

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Writing: The Real Red Sonya

“… she’s no man’s light o’ love. Cut —  slash — death to you, dog soul! There’s her way.” Who is she, in the devil’s name?” growled von Kalmbach. “Red Sonya from Rogatino — that’s all we know.” — The … Continue reading

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Writing: The Writer’s Isolation

Boe’s Thread was not easily finished. The words did not come easy and the tone of the story was partly responsible. Playing with a noir subtext in a fantasy was an unpleasant experience. I’m not going to go to deeply … Continue reading

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Writing: On the Bankruptcy of Fantasists

Over at Big Hollywood, the gauntlet is thrown down and swords are drawn over the past, present and future of the fantasy genre. One can imagine even Conan and Aragorn quickly bolting for the back door of the tavern to … Continue reading

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Writing: Sticking with the Routine

Boe’s Thread proceeds slowly, I had great difficulty writing this week. There were days where I found Boe and his issues to depressing to deal with – and I know the third Dominic Thule story needs a revision before it … Continue reading

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Tura Satana

The mother of two children, Tura Satana died this February 4th. Hollywood has always had femme fatales, but Tura Satana was definitely the first slaughter girl. This was a woman who didn’t need to rely on feminine wiles to overcome … Continue reading

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