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Writing: Threads and Noir?

Boe’s Thread is not exactly sword and sorcery. There will be no swords, no barbarians, no unconquerable hero against the dark. Maybe as background color, but certainly not the focus. About half a year ago I came up with the … Continue reading

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Music: Super Overdrive

Let’s be honest about The Yellow Flag Jukebox. Based on the clientele, the most popular song played over and over and over is… Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls. Sorry, I simply can’t do it. Here’s Billy Idol from the Devil’s … Continue reading

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Writing: Publishing on SmashWords

The first Dominic Thule story went live on Smashwords. There were some minor changes made to the story. Clara’s original roommate (Margo) went the way of the Richie Cunningham’s older brother in Happy Days – replaced by Melicia. And I … Continue reading

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Today is Robert E. Howard’s Birthday

Life is a lamp with the glimmer gone, A dank and a darkened cave; Yet still I swear by the light of dawn, And not by the grip of the grave. – “Hope Empty of Meaning”

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Make my Brain Bleed

My brother-in-law and I were quite passionate about our movie viewing back in the days of VHS and big hair. Not for us any Oscar winning productions or actors – for us it was Ahnold, Chuck and Sly in some … Continue reading

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Writing: Yet more Thule the Fool

When the computer crashed two weeks ago, I lost a list of no less than twelve Dominic Thule/Clara Clover stories. But what was lost was only a list of titles. They were totally random, only the third one even had … Continue reading

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Review: Emerald – by M.L. Hamilton

Reciprocity is a beautiful thing. M.L. Hamilton was kind enough to read and review Algul. In return, here’s the introduction to her fantasy epic, Emerald. Plus my review. “In one terrible instant, Kai is thrown from his comfortable life and … Continue reading

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