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Writing: On Rukh

Rukh is the sequel to Algul. While I haven’t fully worked out the entire story, I’m confident enough to start. What is posted here is a first draft, I’ll put up a thousand words as often as I can till the … Continue reading

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Music: Yellow Flag Jukebox – Hanzel und Gretyl

The twins, Hansel and Gretel, are as dark as it gets. There’s nothing good to be said about them, they’ll turn on the innocent and the guilty equally for such distinctions evade these perfect predators. So the only band appropriate … Continue reading

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The Secondary World of Khyal and Sub-Creation

Upon reading this post at Blackgate upon Fantasy, the Middle-East, and a Conversation with Saladin Ahmed, I felt the time was right to discuss the genesis of the world of Algul. Here is an excerpt from the interview with Saladin … Continue reading

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Music: Yellow Flag Jukebox – Talkin bout Lock and Loll

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to turn this into a Black Lagoon themed website, in fact I did promise a Berserk story which I have to follow through on. This is a not so dark and sinister … Continue reading

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Music: Yellow Flag Jukebox – Gun

My music choices tend to run to the dark and sinister. I’m really not one for happy dance tracks. Emiliana Torini’s Gun I would define as music Revy the gunslinger would listen to at 3am, clutching the jukebox with an … Continue reading

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Writing: Lagging

Zar should have been finished tonight, but I’m simply out of time. I also must admit I am somewhat dismayed with the turn of events. The characters have taken on a life of their own, and must act according to … Continue reading

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Music: Yellow Flag Jukebox

To honor of the much abused Bao, the owner of the Yellow Flag, I have included an audio widget on the sidebar. Only makes sense to start with a soundtrack from Black Lagoon, so here’s Peach Headz Addiction. I’ll change … Continue reading

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