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Joining the ranks of the Hipsters

I’m now an “indie” writer. What this means is… I will now be lurking about the local coffee shop in my moccasins and, uhm, flannel shirt with checkered scarf. Accosting passerbys with my tales about sticking it to traditional publishing … Continue reading

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Algul – available on Kindle

No update on Zar because I spent most of my available free time getting the Kindle version of Algul ready for release. A Kindle itself is unnecessary, there is also a Kindle for the pc available. So with some pride, … Continue reading

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“There won’t be a Thousand and One Nights…”

Algul is a self published novel (on Kindle only at this time) about the Seventh Daughter of the Seventh Daughter – who in the realm of the Jinn is the destroyer and bringer of death. Her spirit will command the … Continue reading

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